The CLIR- Council for Library and Information Resources has just published a 
study on this very issue, framed by Tim Brooks and scut-worked by the 
undersigned.  I have a published copy and assume it is posted on their site.

It's pretty scary, and will be followed by one on copyright law.

They are a look at the facts and numbers as they are, not as any side wishes 
them to be.

Steve Smolian

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] 78's and PD, was Curatorial Responsibility, formerly 
Copyright of treasures

> Does anyone have any idea what percentage of commercially-produced 78's 
> are
> now in the PD? When, for instance, CBS/Sony re-issues Duke Ellington 78's 
> as
> multi-CD collections, are those now re-copyrighted for 50+ years? And what
> about that guy Joe Buzzard down in Maryland -- is he just flying under the
> radar or is it perfectly legit for him to reissue all of his obscure 
> blues,
> country and bluegrass 78's? He comes off as a somewhat goofy collector, 
> but
> I get the sense he's a very shrewd business man too, and I wouldn't be
> surprised if his venture is pretty profitable even though it seems
> labor-intensive. I've read several interviews with him, but he never
> squarely addresses the copyright issue except to say he's never been 
> pursued
> or prosecuted.
> -- Tom Fine
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> treasures
>> On Thu, 6 Oct 2005, Richard L. Hess wrote:
>> > What about the sell-off and destruction of many of the runs of old
>> > newspapers that Nicholson Baker documents in "Double Fold"? Including
>> > a set of a major NY Newspaper that had been presented by the publisher.
>> And, what really gets my, instead of having a record sale, I
>> was forced into selling off duplicate 78s in a single lot. Not all of it
>> was great, but some of the items were of value. About 5,000 discs sold 
>> for
>> $10. I just don't understand the thinking.
>> Karl
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