David Lewiston wrote:
> I've read negative comments about the quality of the preamps in this 
> recorder, giving the impression that while it might be perfectly 
> adequate for non-critical recordings (interviews and the like) it isn't 
> suitable for serious music recording.
> Salutations, David L

Since when is an interview "non-critical", pal?

Note: I'm just joking.  As a cranky folklorist I just couldn't resist, 

For us the issue has been the flat-out low quality preamps on the 
Marantz CF machines.  And from all accounts I've heard/read the FR2 
preamps are much cleaner in comparison.  This, of course, is purely 
second hand, anecdotal info though.

After working with the PMD660 with both a 421 II and a EV RE50 N/DB I'm 
amazed that radio people can use them at all.  Hissy.  I'm waiting on a 
new mic, an AT813a (inexpensive self-powered condenser), to see if that 
makes things any better.  To date though, in many respects our Sharp MD 
recorders sound cleaner.  And while our DAT machines (TCD-D10ProIIs) 
have wonderful micpres, we've pretty much stepped away from the format.

I hold out hope of a professional-spec CF recorder with clean preamps. 
Otherwise we're going to have to switch to an external micpre, which 
will cost as much as the FR2 (I imagine) and force us to haul around one 
more expensive and fragile thing!


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