> Actually, that show seems to be on PRI, not NPR in our area.

Well, I was mistaken; it seems to be produced on APM, American Public 
Media, and so far, it's not offered in our area by any of the Public 
Radio services.  However, I went to the Marketplace web site and found 
that I can get streaming broadcasts at this link:

My only next problem is that I don't see that topic, Public Domain, 
listed.  Richard, could you give a bit more information?

Rod Stephens
Family Theater Productions

David Lewis wrote:

>Thanks for the tip, Dick. I'll try to listen.
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>"Contemporary composers, and at least a considerable number of them, explain
>what system they used, in what way they arrived at something. I do not do
>that. I think that the matter of the way by which one arrived at something
>is, for the listeners, unimportant. What matters is the final result, that
>is the work itself." -Grazyna Bacewicz, 1964
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