Richard L. Hess wrote:

> Digitally transfer them to two CD-Rs and store the CD-Rs. Or better yet, 
> if you have a managed digital archive that can accept them, store them 
> in that.
> I don't think many of us think that MDs are archival. I wouldn't worry 
> about an archival box for a medium that probably isn't archival. I don't 
> think we can expect the long-term availability of MD players as compared 
> to CD players.

I nearly replied along similar lines - then realized that there is no 
reason the MD would not be durable and even archival as a medium. The 
format is hardly recommend for quality recording and players may well be 
a problem, but as a storage medium the M-O scheme employed should be 
resistant to most of the ills other media are heir to.

Because of cost, mechanism and format, MD is not attractive for 
archiving and probably has not had the sort of study archivists would 
value, but given that the recordings are already on MD, a less drastic 
solutions than transferring the content may be fitting.

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