The matrix numbers correspond to that time, but the LP itself dates the benefit
concert to November 15/54. But the catalog number (CL 810) could be very late 1955
or January 1956. It's listed in the August 1956 Schwann but that's before the
period where it gave dates (for first listing, which wouldn't give us an exact
release date in any event).

Since the sales of the LP were to contribute to the Orchestra's Pension Fund, there
must have been publicity when it was released.


Stan Punzel wrote:

> I can't give you a release date, but I know that the recording was done
> after the persion fund benefit concert that took place in December 1954.
> So my guess is in the first half of 1955.
> Stan
> David Lennick wrote:
> >Can anyone pinpoint an issue date for Columbia CL 810, Richard Rodgers
> >conducting the New York Philharmonic? Per Gart, CL 820 dates from February
> >1956..just wondered if there was a more accurate date for 810, or if it had a
> >previous life as an ML Masterworks release. Matrix numbers are XLP 34520/1 and
> >the program material is derived from a benefit concert, November 15, 1954
> >(probably recorded shortly thereafter).
> >
> >Thanks
> >DL
> >
> >
> >