Thanks Gary. It is a great album. What a session that was. Two complete LPs
plus complete takes of two other songs. You NEVER see that kind of
production today.

Again, too bad that the powers that be at Universal have decided the only
way to make this great music available is the inferior iTunes AAC format.
Just for the record, I have no beef about downloads vs. CD's in principle -- 
I understand that you must sell a certain number of units to justify
manufacturing a CD. But if something is to be available only as a download,
I do object when it's available in a vastly inferior lossy-compressed
format. I'd gladly sacrifice the time and bandwidth to download 44.1k/16-bit
audio, and judging from the user comments at Verve's website, so would

-- Tom Fine

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> Hello  fellow jazz fans:
> I'm hoping someone here has the original LPs of Harry  "Sweets" Edison's
> Swinger" and "Mr. Swing" and can tell me the  original song sequences of
> these albums.
> I have "Mr. Swing" (stereo version, MG VS-6118) and here is the  sequence:
> Side A: Love is Here to Stay, Short Coat
> Side B: Baby, Won't You Please Come Home, Impressario, Ill Wind.
> Great record, with a classy David Stone Martin cover, too.
> Cary  Ginell
> Origin Jazz  Library