Thanks to everyone who responded to this.

By the way, the iTunes-only release of these albums doesn't sound as
horrible as it could. That AAC format is not as lossy as comparable-sized
MP3, so, for instance, the songs are not plagued with digi-swishy in the
background. But they're a far cry from CD quality -- thin, shrill and
lacking punch and impact. I imagine the original LPs sound better, which is
sad because it's terrible when audio quality takes a step back. With these
new iPods holding gigabytes of data, and the typical iTunes consumer, I'd
bet, having broadband access, I can't understand why Universal and Apple
don't put the files out in twice or 3x the resolution. I can understand why
they'd choose copy-restricted AAC, but why crunched-too-small AAC? They
could do these files with 3x bitrates and I bet they'd sound a lot nearer to
good and still be less than half the size of a CD audio file.

-- Tom Fine

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> Since my modem blew out last week, and I just installed a new one, I
> have not been able to read all of the postings about the two Harry
> Edison recordings. I have checked both vinyl issues and the original
> sequence from the vinyl matches the order originally posted.
> [The Swinger - Verve MGVS 6037]
> Pussy Willow
> The Very Thought Of You
> Nasty
> The Strollers
> Sunday
> Fair Ground
> [Mr. Swing - Verve MGVS 6118]
> Love Is Here To Stay
> Short Coat
> Baby, Won't You Please Come Home?
> Impressario
> Ill Wind
> Eric Goldberg