Hi Richard:

Yes, I think all DVD's start out with 2 layers but the dual-4.7 gig discs
(which now hold as much as a commercial DVD and thus a 1:1 copy can be made
using various pirateware programs) have a second layer of burnable material,
as I understand it, and perhaps a clear plastic film separation layer (?).

I, too, send out a lot of DVD+/-R discs and do also strongly suggest many
copies be made, including on different media.

We may be chasing a phantom menace here but like I said I haven't seen any
data comparable to the NASA and NIST tests on CDR media.

-- Tom Fine

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> At 08:49 PM 10/3/2005, Tom Fine wrote:
> >Hi Richard:
> >
> >I'd worry even more about the dual-layer DVD
> >media, just based on historical experience with multi-layer plastic
> >products.
> Tom, Aren't all DVDs two layers of plastic?
> >I would bet that for every one DAT mechanism ever manufactured (and I'd
> >guess maybe 50% of all ever made, or more, are no longer in good working
> >order), there have been 20+ laser-bearing drives made that can read most
> >all formats of 5" plastic discs. And for every DAT tape ever spooled,
> >50+ blank CDR's have rolled out of Asian factories. That's a good
> >for the long-term viability of the CDR format.
> My guess is, that even including DataDATs, your numbers are way low.
> I would think the ratio is way higher, but even at your numbers...
> >This is an example where
> >industry standardization on a method and form factor is a very Good
> >I'm hoping very much that DVD+/-R is a continuation of the Good Thing but
> >it's pretty early to pass judgement.
> I do send out a fair amount of work on DVD-R discs and tell people
> PLEASE make copies, and I keep their originals and my files around
> until they let me know they are happy and have checked everything.
> Cheers,
> Richard
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