Johan Bos-Beijer wrote:

> Verve had a 'Folkways' series which included classical recordings from the Polygram/DG catalogue.  For example, tenor Fritz Wunderlich.  They had a number of non-jazz issues but the catalogue varied considerably but items often went out of print.
> Johannes J. Bos-Beijer
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Verve had a Folkways series (later called Verve Forecast) but it was pop and folk, not classical..that was issued on Heliodor.


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>   >Hi all,
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>   >I have a question about Verve Records, but it's not about Jazz.  I
>   >have a wonderful psych/pop album by "The Gordian Knot" which is from
>   >the late 60s and is on Verve.  I'm wondering if anyone can tell me
>   >if this was a real big departure for the label or if they regularly
>   >had non-Jazz releases?  I know they are known for Jazz, but don't
>   >know much else about the label.
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>   >Thanks for your time.
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>   Off the top of my head I can think of several non-jazz verve
>   recordings including the first album by Zappa and the Mothers of
>   Invention, The Blues Project, and there are folk recordings by Dave
>   van Ronk, Patrick Sky and quite a few others.
>   Eric Goldberg