Dan Kj- wrote:

> I once had the 'luck' to get a badly cat-a-tized collection for free.  Much
> of it had to be tossed just because of the smell,
> and many of the records were destroyed by the urine as it sat for a while;
> the surface in those spots was virtually disintegrated!

Sounds like a suitable study subject for an ARSC grant. On the other hand, maybe
we've also just discovered the solution to non-biodegradability of plastics.

A stash of BBC transcription discs (12") I picked up at the Toronto Record Show
the other day must have been in the possession of someone with cat's
been checking the pile regularly. No comments about cathouses, please.


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> > "Steven C. Barr" wrote:
> >>
> >> The biggest problem (or so I thought) was going to be the fact
> >> that the resident felines had liberally marked their shellac
> >> territory. Oddly enough, the only problem I have seen so far
> >> is that discs, sleeves and boxes are, shall we say, odiferous...
> >> even a few records that I found in sleeves damp with...well,
> >> you know...seemed not to have suffered any permanent damage!
> >> It does seem to have rendered a number of labels illegible,
> >> however...
> >>
> >> I didn't exactly to make this test, but I thought I might
> >> share the results (in case anyone is offered old 78's by
> >> a cat-loving little old lady?)...
> >>
> >> Steven C. Barr
> >
> > Any time I borrow a record from Steve to transfer, I clean it on the
> > Monks, put
> > it in a new sleeve, stick it among the other records I'm going to use, and
> > my
> > cat is still all over it like a cheap suit.
> >
> > dl