And her too.  Like I said, it's like royalty to me.  My first musical memory 
was Fine work.  I just picked up a 2 track R2R Living Presence on eBay and 
picked up two of the new SACD transfers.  So I'm eaten up with it.  I 
probably wouldn't have gotten into tape and vinyl if it hadn't been for this 
Fine family (sorry for the pun).  I'm not worthy.  On another note, I 
wouldn't have been born if it hadn't been for one of Freddy Fennell's 
trombone players, who got his doctorate, moved to Texas and recruited my 
mother and father to be in the band (obviously before my mother and father 
were married).  So there's this whole aura around Mercury, and the EWE 
recordings in particular.
Phillip Holmes
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> This guy posts on the board all the time. He's Bob Fine's son! Can you
> believe it

Isnt he also Wilma Cozart's son?