Are you guys at the 92nd St. Y planning to make your archives
public/available online? What a great resource you must have.

-- Tom Fine

PS -- has the wonderful Prelinger collection. One can get lost
all day looking at old industrial/educational films and documentaries. Of
particular interest on this list might be the original ERPI film on optical
soundtracks for motion pictures (search under Western Electric) and RCA's
promotional film on its Living Stereo series of records (search under RCA).
Also a lot of great stuff on early television. Oh, also a great film about
radio theater and sound effects. It keeps bouncing between a kid listening
to a western on the radio, a film version of the story and the radio actors
and SFX people creating the story for an aural experience.

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> >By the way, for all of you with large archives of things like interviews
> >field recordings or other non-commercial content you'd like to see more
> >publicly-available, you might see if Google will catalog and host your
> >digital files. This sort of thing is right up their alley -- Google
> >or something like that. They have the money and resources to afford the
> >storage and bandwidth to make it widely available. Once enough people
> >about and download something, its chances of living a long time (and
> >mattering a long time) are greatly enhanced.
> >
> >-- Tom Fine
> For "preservation through dissemination", you might want to check out
> There is a huge audio section where you can post just about anything in
> formats, both full-size (BWF/AIFF), lossless (FLAC/SHN/Apple Lossless),
and lossy
> (MP3/Ogg Vorbis/etc...).
> Organizations such as the Naropa Audio Archive
> have posted hundreds of hours of material.
> For rights-related issues, check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation
and its Open
> Audio Licence
> which provides a legal framework for most non-commercial (and some
> dissemination of audio via digital/electronic means.
> dave nolan
> nyc