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I agree with the statement made by Steve about the
importance of correcting information in an online

I would also like the possibility of downloading it,
or personalizing.  For example. I would really like a
version of the (New) Country discography that I could
use with my own collection to indicate what I have and
in what condition, as well as to make corrections.
(Could someone with connections suggest to the press
that a disc would be very useful.) 

The Rust Entertainment discography is badly in need of
corrections, aside from all the missing artists. I
have the 2nd edition, but I know that was not widely
available. My copy of the first edition has tons of
corrections written in. (They also aren't all included
in the 2nd edition.) I also use the first edition as a
check list to indicate what I have. The missing
information for that discography is who did the other
side since many of the
entertainment/personality/comedy/novelty records had 2
different artists.

As long as we are talking about improvements we may as
well think big to design something with the features
we might want to use, including of course titles, and
I would add key words, or topical. 

In addition to signing corrections, we might also want
to indicate if the person making the corrections
actually has the record and can verify the

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> But discographies on-line can be corrected.  A
> Wikopedia type structure 
> might work- corrections by peer review, signed,
> should be a good starting 
> place.
> Steve Smolian

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