Hello all...

I'm still working on the collection of wax cylinders
which I've asked about on this list before.  I have a
(hopefully) specific question:

What precisely are the cylinders made of?  I seem to
recall reading that they were made of different things
over the years, from the earliest ones that were truly
wax to the later ones which were, well, that's my
question I guess.  Most of the ones I'm working with
are of the kind pictured on this page in the upper
right corner:

I'm asking because the conservator I'm working with
wants to try a chemical treatment on them, but she
wants to know exactly what kind of material we're
dealing with, and more importantly if it may be harmed
by ethylene oxide (either short term or long term). 
If there is too great a risk, we'll skip that idea,
but I thought I'd throw it out to the list and see
what people have to say.


Trey Bunn
Folklife Resource Center
McKissick Museum
University of South Carolina

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