Hello All,

I am looking for information regarding an Edison Cygnet horn that I am studying for a class.

In initial research, I have found that the Cygnet horn was attached to the Fireside model
cylinder player (Versions A & B). 

There are several things I'd like to know more about:
-Was the cygnet horn made primarily for these models, or was it used with other cylinder players?
-When was it first introduced to the public for sale?
-How was the horn constructed, and using which types of materials?

If anyone can provide more context or perhaps can suggest further sources 
of information, I'd be most appreciative.

I have seen the Edison NPS website that has several of Edison's own renderings. 
I find these illustrations fascinating, and am eager to learn more.

Thanks for your help!

With Regards,

Ryan Anthony Donaldson
Cooperstown Graduate Program
Class of 2007