This list is fascinating! Some personal friends in there, and a few 
people I have recently worked with - Kenny Hall, especially. I have a 
rare and unique Sam Chatman from an openiong set for Taj Mahal booked 
by Rita Weill at the Lion's Share in Marin County in 1971. Rita was a 
friend, co-worker, and still lives nearby in berkeley, and I know her 
son Michael Bixby also. Small world. Just did a show with Mike Seeger 
and Kenny Hall at the Berkeley Old Time Music Conference three weeks 

I have a personal collection of recordings of nearly every live show I 
have mixed going back to 1971 - people such as Eric Anderson, Van 
Morrison, Taj Mahal, Jerry Garcia, and so on, and have long wondered 
what to do with this archive as the years go by and the artists get 
better known and also die off... I did a lot of folk music live on KPFA 
in the mid 70s, Freight and Salvage since 1998, etc etc.

Along with preserving and making available, I'd be very interested in 
hearing Rita and Kenny from those days as well. This is a big topic and 
I am intensely interested in what to do with this kind of material!

Lou Judson  Intuitive Audio

On Oct 5, 2005, at 12:21 PM, Russ Hamm wrote:

>> The following is a partial list of the performers represented in the 
>> San Diego Folk Festival tapes.
>> Alice Gerrard
>> Benny Thomasson
>> Big Joe Williams
>> Boys of the Lough
>> Charles Bailey (Bailey Bros.)
>> Cliff Carlisle & Wilbur Ball
>> Clyde Davenport
>> Cottonmouth D'Arcy
>> Dave Page & The Samsa Gael Caeli Band
>> Doc Guidry and Joel Sonnier
>> Doc Watson
>> Doye O'Dell
>> Ed Lowe & Tom Sauber
>> Elizabeth Cotton
>> Frankie Armstrong
>> Gaither Carlton
>> George Winston
>> Glenn Ohrlin
>> Hank Penny
>> Happy Traum
>> Hoosier Hot Shots
>> Hoyt Axton
>> Jean Redpath
>> Jean Richie
>> Joe & Rose Lee Maphis
>> John Hogg
>> John Jackson
>> Johnny Bond
>> Johnny Walker
>> Kenny Hall
>> Kirk McGee & Blyth Poteet
>> Lily Mae Ledford
>> Louis Boudreault
>> Lydia Mendoza
>> Martin, Bogan & Armstrong
>> Merle Travis
>> Model T Slim (Elmon Mickle)
>> Mike Seeger
>> Napoleon Strickland
>> New Orleans Golden Eagles
>> Patsy Montana
>> Ray & Ina Patterson
>> Reverend Gary Davis
>> Rita Weill
>> Roscoe Holcomb
>> Rose Maddox
>> Sam Chatmon
>> Sam Hinton
>> Sam & Kirk McGee
>> Smokey Rogers
>> Texas Lil
>> The Balfa Brothers
>> The Freedom Singers
>> Tom Paley
>> Tom Waits
>> Tommy Jarrell
>> U. Utah Phillips
>> Wade and J.E. Mainer
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