One wonders why they are having so much trouble providing decent mic
preamps on these devices. It isn't exactly rocket science, unless the
analog design portion was turned over to digital design engineers... 

Designing really great preamps is a challenge, but these devices aren't
even hitting an ordinary 'good' level in an area that is fundamental to
their design use.

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If you are taking a board feed only, then you aren't even using the
preamps, are you? Thus your experience doesn't include the mic pres...


Lou Judson * Intuitive Audio

On Oct 12, 2005, at 4:26 AM, Prentice, Will wrote:

> We use the Fostex FR2 for documentary recording of live music and 
> theatre performances, in each case simply taking a feed from the house

> mixing desk (which is the extent of our remit in that regard). The 
> noisefloor from lighting, heating etc is such that preamp performance 
> of the Fostex hasn't been an issue. That said, at the time we bought 
> them the only other contender in the price range was the Marantz 
> PMD670, which had a noticeably noisier preamp, and other features less

> appropriate to our needs.
> Will