I've been asked to post the responses I received about the whereabouts of any recordings of the "Hear it Now" radio program.  Below are those responses.  Thanks again!  

Paul Eisloeffel
Curator of Visual & Audio Collections
Nebraska State Historical Society
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I'm Chuck Howell, Curator of the Library of American 
Broadcasting at the University of Maryland.  I'm writing to 
let you know that we have 19 "Hear It Now" programs in our 
holdings.  They are spread over about 9 1/2 months, from 
12/15/50 (the premiere) to 9/4/51. For more info you can 
visit our website at and view the 
individual listings.  Just select the audio index in our 
search engine drop down menu and type "Hear it Now" in the 

I have recordings of these programs.  However, a low gen copy or even possibly the masters were in the collection of John Hickman.  His collection was donated to the archives at American University in Washington, D.C.  I hope this helps.

Neal Ellis

Maybe a lead at the National Archives:

Milo Ryan Phonoarchive Collection Catalog (RG 200 MR) 
This catalog describes 5,000 recordings primarily of CBS-KIRO radio broadcasts from 1931 to 1977, which were originally maintained at the University of Washington. The collection consists of news and public affairs programs, actualities, speeches, interviews, wartime dramas and daily World War II news programs. Two finding aids are available: History in Sound: A Descriptive Listing of KIRO-CBS Collection of Broadcasts of the WWII Years (1963) and History in Sound: Part II (1972). Catalog cards contain brief content summaries, and are more detailed than the published guides. Most entries are available on reel-to-reel reference tapes. 

Also a few "hear it now" hits in the NARA ARC catalog:

Cassy Ammen
Reference Specialist
Library Services
Library of Congress
Washington, DC 20540-4660
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voice: 202.707.1965