That was a good report except for typical sloppy lack of basic background
reporting. A seabee is not "an assistant" to the Marines, and I'm pretty
sure he's not even a Marine. Every seabee I've heard of was a Navy sailor,
not a Marine. Only a Marine (ie rifle-trained taker of the Marine oath
wearing a Marine uniform) is a Marine. But seabees would sometimes be right
in the thick of it with the Marines.

Also, they were guessing about what a half-track is. Come on, don't those
folks know how to use Google? As a professional journalist, this kind of
basic lack of fact-checking or background research really gets my goat!  And
OTM should know better -- they just got lambasted the week before for
sloppy/wrong explaining on another story, and got a good shellacking from
Newsweek's editor because they let some pundit blab on about Newsweek and
drug-scare stories without doing any basic reading of the story in question
(not to say it wasn't an overblown scare-story about crystal meth, but the
fact is that this pundit made several wrong characterizations about the
story and OTM did nothing to correct him or challenge him).

Anyway, regarding that report, does anyone know how much if any of the
battlefield recordings are readily available (ie in a common format and/or
online) from the LOC?

-- Tom Fine

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] LoC and war reporting

Something of interest in the On The Media program from the 21st, in the
story about WWII - the LoC
provided recording equipment for reporters going to the front so they
could capture "native" musicians along the way, and the resulting work
was quite amazing!

LoC gear, "halftracks" with a new definition for the reel to reel folks,
and realtime field recording and war sounds - something for everyone
here... (I sent it separattely to the other groups I'm on). - see the "bringing it home" article.
Interested in comments if you have any.


Lou Judson  Intuitive Audio