Thanks to Mr. Holmes for qualifying his post of earlier today.

This is a good time to review the purposes of ARSCLIST and re-post the
guidelines. The Board of ARSC met last Saturday and there was some
discussion about this list and the amount of "noise" on it. We risk
losing valuable subscribers if the list becomes cluttered with
off-topic, irrelevant, or otherwise inappropriate posts.

It is ARSC's intention that ARSClist be a forum for "professional"
discussions about recorded sound and that it be open to anyone. The
number of subscribers is increasing, fortunately, but that means that
we need to be especially careful about extraneous posts to the list.
In this category, I would include jokes, politics, non-substantive
responses to other posts, and personal communications best written to
only one or two people on the list.

Some excerpts from the guidelines posted at follow.

Thanks to all of you.  Sam Brylawski

The Purpose of the List
Topics appropriate for discussion may include discussion about
recorded sound research, history, innovations, preservation,
archiving, copyrights and access and announcements about ARSC
activities and publications. Other lists may be more appropriate
forums for subjective discussions of particular recordings or artists,
restoration of antique equipment, buying and selling recordings and
the collecting of ephemera. All messages posted to the list will be
archived permanently. By posting to this list the subscriber agrees to
have his or her message become part of the permanent public archive.