A bibliographic question:

Billboard published directories which include record company listings and addresses under a number of names over the years.

I have one for 1946-7, called "Billboard Encyclopedia of Music."  It claims to be the 8th annual issue.

 Billboard Encyclopedia of Music. 
    Vol. 1       1939-40
    Vol. 2       1940-1
    Vol. 3       1941-2
    Vol. 4       1942-3
    Vol. 5       1943-4
    Vol. 6       1944-5
    Vol. 7       1945-6
    Vol. 8       1946-7

Billboard International Buyer's Guides.  I've seen or have these from 1962 to  the present.

What was published between 1947 and 1962 that contained this information?

The 1946/7 edition is presently on Alibris and was just on eBay.  Are there extant copies of the earlier ones?  I'd be interested in buying or having copies made of the parts I need.  Who has those in the 1947-62 gap?

They may have used another title during this interregnum.

Steve Smolian