Brian Tingle wrote:
> re: without too many redundancies What about some sort of XPATH / 
> XPOINTER based inclusion mechanism?  If you didn't have the PREMIS 
> element encoded somewhere, you would fill it in, but if you already 
> had the info stored in some other namespace and you wanted to avoid 
> repeating it, you would use the inclusion element to point to where 
> the value could be copied from.  It would be required to have either 
> a value or the reference to the value.

That's the sort of approach I would be interested to hear more about in
this group. METS and PREMIS are both implemented in XML, presumably
because of its support for extensibility and integratability of
applications in different domains - through schemas, namespaces, XPath,
XSLT, etc.

METS and PREMIS (to say nothing of EAD, DC, RDF...) each address
distinct domains, so I would think research into integrating these is 
best conducted as a separate activity, based around XML Schemas 
optimised for interoperability.


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