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I do believe Peter is getting all warm and fuzzy-like in his old age. Good 
for you, Peter!


At 05:19 PM 10/12/2005 -0600, Peter Noerr wrote:
>A probably really dumb question:
>A partner of ours wants to use a URL as a "dc:identifier" for their records.
>No problem so far this is one of the recommended values. They want it to be
>used as the link to read the record. Also no problem .
>However as a metasearch engine we need to be able to identify that it is a
>URL and a link within a set of records from a number of different Sources
>(for the sake of being awkward - like real life - assume all are queried via
>SRU and are returning records in simple DC). They don't want to go beyond
>using simple DC, so qualification is not an option. Using a "urn:url" type
>namespace identifier would work. If everybody used it, which they won't, we
>would be home free. [What is the 'namespace' identifier for a URL when used
>within the DC set in SRU anyway? ISSNs ("urn:issn:") and DOIs ("info:doi/")
>are all listed, but URLs are not]
>Are we limited to detecting "http://" and deducing that it is not an ISBN?
>Of course some will start "www." and others will be just ""
>So this is a bit of a nightmare.
>I don't want to have to produce hard coded variants of our SRU Connector to
>handle this sort of issue. I want to keep a single Connector which is
>configured for different Sources - if it has to be. The less variation there
>is the less configuration there is and the more likely things are to work.
>So the (main) dumb question is: How do they put this link URL in a returned
>record in simple DC in a way that it can be recognized by dumb computer
>programs? Or are we stuck with configuration?
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