I've finally installed the MARCEdit program and worked with conversion.  
I've had trouble using your stylesheet.  When I convert from my xml file 
to MARCXML, a file with the *mrc extension does not appear in the 
destination folder.  The other EAD to MARCXML stylesheets work that came 
with the MARCEdit program.  Is there something different about your 
stylesheet, or maybe the XML files I'm using don't have all the correct 
coding to work with your stylesheets.


Mark Carlson wrote:

> Yes, we use it all the time to convert our EAD finding aids to MARC. 
> We  import them into OCLC connexion.  What version of MARCEdit are you 
> using? (Click on Help--About in MARCEdit).  If you are using version 
> 4.6 (correct me if I'm wrong, Terry), converting from EAD to MARC 
> communications format was a two-step process using the built-in GUI. 
> You first had to convert from EAD to MARCXML, then from MARCXML to 
> MARC.  With the new MARCEdit.Net version, you can do this in a single 
> step. You can download the new version here:
> The included XSL stylesheet may need some tweaking for your 
> institution.  You are welcome to try mine also to see which one works 
> best with your encoding.  This is available here:
> Jordan Patty wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Has anyone used the MARCEdit program and the EAD2MARCXML.xsl to 
>> create MARC records?  If so, did everything work well?  For instance, 
>> did the MARC record load properly to OCLC?
>> Thanks,
>> Jordan Patty

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