Yes, I agree. My only excuse is being swamped with too much work.

Havard and I will need to discuss (again) some sort of automatic updating
from his database if that's possible (i.e. generating the tables).

We do plan to implement an RSS feed for new language identifiers. It is
being piloted here at the Library of Congress right now. That will
certainly help to get the word out.


On Tue, 22 Nov 2005, Peter Constable wrote:

> We need to keep on top of the 639 site. Ideally, the site should be
> updated simultaneously with any announced change or addition. The msg
> below observes that the site is now two months out of date.
> Thanks.
> Peter Constable
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> Subject: Re: New ISO 639 language identifier - Karelian
> Håvard Hjulstad <HHj at standard dot no> wrote:
> > A list of ISO 639 identifiers, as well as a list of all changes, are
> > available on the ISO 639 RA-JAC web site at
> > Users should
> > be advised to go to that site as a source, rather than copying
> > information to sites that are not maintained by the ISO 639 RA-JAC.
> I'd like to be able to rely on that site for timely updates, but 
> unfortunately it has not proven very reliable in that regard.  As of 
> right now (November 22, 04:40 UTC) none of the six changes announced in 
> the past two months is reflected on the Change Notice page, nor on any 
> of the six Code List pages.
> The code element added in September (rup) was not added to any of these 
> pages either, until four weeks later, when I wrote to this list asking 
> why it was not there:
> These pages would be a much more useful resource if they could be 
> expected to stay up-to-date within, say, a day or two of announced 
> changes.  A few years ago that was the norm.
> In any event, the Web page I mentioned has to do specifically with 
> adding these new and changed code elements as primary language subtags 
> under RFC 3066bis.  It will include the proposed registry entries, 
> verbatim.  It isn't intended to be a mirror of ISO 639-2.  I'd be glad 
> to add cross-references to the 639-2 site, but since these changes 
> aren't reflected there, the best I can do is to add references to your 
> (Håvard's) announcements on this list.
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