This request came in some time ago. I had asked Havard to start
discussion, but it seems to have slipped through the cracks. The requestor
is asking what happened to his request. First I would like the JAC to
discuss whether this is considered a dialect. I couldn't find it in 639-3.
I will also forward some further correspondence.

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This has been around for awhile. Did I ever send it to you? He asked me
what has happened to it. It seems that Ethnologue considers it a dialect
of Slovenia.


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This data was submitted on: Wednesday, October 22, 2003 at 08:23:48

lang_in_eng = Resian, Resianic, Rezijan
lang_in_fre = Résien, Resianien
ref_where_found_1 = (Resian) Hamp, Eric P. "On the survival of Slovene o-grade deverbal thematics in Resian". Slovene Studies 10/2, 1988. pp. 171-173.  (Resianic) Ramovs, Fran. "The Resianic dialect". In: The National Frontier Between Slovenia and Italy: Linguistic and Social Features. Ljubljana 1945. pp. 5-7.  (Rezijan) Priestly, Tom M.S. "Baudouin de Courtenay as phonetician: His description of the zasopli vokali in the Rezijan dialect". Prace Filologiczne 34, 1988. pp. 385-391.  (Résien) Kopitar, Barth. "Die Slaven im Thale Resia". Erneuerte vaterländische Blätter für den österreichischen Kaiserstaat 9/31, 1816. p. 179.  (Resianien) Kopitar, Barth. "Die Slaven im Thale Resia". Erneuerte vaterländische Blätter für den österreichischen Kaiserstaat 9/31, 1816. p. 179.
lang_in_vern = rozajanski, rozojanski
ref_where_found_2 = Steenwijk, Han. The Slovene dialect of Resia: San Giorgio. Amsterdam-Atlanta, 1992. p. 305.
trans_lit = 
evidence = Biblioteca Comunale di Resia, Via S. Giorgio, 33010 Prato di Resia (30)
Biblioteca del Circolo Culturale Resiano "Rozajanski Dum", Via Udine 12, 33010 Stolvizza di Resia (80)
addinfo = Resian is originally a Slovene dialect spoken by about 1025 persons in the Resia and Uccea valleys (Udine province, Italy), and by an unknown number of emigrants living scattered throughout Europe. In written texts the Latin script is used, but authors avail themselves of widely varying orthographies and sets of characters. The oldest such text dates from the 18th century. A normalised orthography was introduced in 1994.

The spoken language shows considerable geographical variation, breaking the Resian speech area up in numerous sub-dialects. In fact, the four best studied and numerically best represented sub-dialects (Bila/San Giorgio, Njiwa/Gniva, Osoane/Oseacco and Solbica/Stolvizza) differ on the phonological, morphological and lexicological levels of linguistic description. Speakers of the sub-dialects are very aware of these differences, at least as far as phonetics and lexicon is concerned. Minor sub-dialects are Varcota/Warkota, Lipavac/Lipovaz, Ravanca/Prato, Crisacis/Krizace, Coritis/Korito, Lischiazze/Liscace and Uccea/Ucja that are less well studied but equally need to be kept distinct in linguistic description.
Resian is not officially recognised  as a minority language, although it disposes of some of the characterics of full-blown languages. Bilingual place-name signs sport Italian and Resian names, and a written supra-dialectal Resian standard is being taught at primary school and during evening courses. Furthermore, mutual understanding between speakers of Resian and of standard Slovene is very low. In fact, the speakers have to learn each other's language to be able to comunicate.

(Very) selected bibliography:
Dulicenko, Aleksandr: "Odna iz poslednich popytok sozdanija novogo slavjanskogo literaturnogo jazyka: rez'janskij dialekt v Italii", in: Ucenye zapiski Tartuskogo Gos. universiteta, vol. 579, 1981, pp. 20-45.

Steenwijk, Han: "Resian as a minority language", in: Language Death and Language Maintenance: Theoretical, practical and descriptive approaches (= Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, vol. CCXL), edited by M. Janse & S. Tol, Amsterdam - Philadelphia: John Benjamins 2003, pp. 215-226.

Zuljan, Irena: "Rezija in rezijan?cina sta res enkratni: sociolingvisticni izsledki jezikoslovne skupine mladinskega raziskovalnega tabora Rezija 1989", Primorska srecanja 102, 1989, pp. 913-918.

Zybatow, Lew: "Resianisch: eine bedrohte Mikrosprache im Herzen Europas", in: Neue Forschungsarbeiten zur Kontaktlinguistik (= Plurilingua 19), edited by W.W. Moelleken & P.J. Weber, Bonn: Dümmler 1997, pp. 505-514.
request_addition = ISO 639-2 only
2_code_suggestion = 
3_code_suggestion = roz, rez, rsn
submit_name = Han Steenwijk
submit_email = [log in to unmask]
submit_status = Academic teacher who has learnt the language during field work.