I consider your analysis correct with one small modification: it is the *draft* code table for ISO 639-3 that has an identifier hsb for the macrolanguage. I have all along assumed it was up to the JAC to decide whether to include that in part 3.





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Subject: ISO 639 JAC issue - Serbo-Croatian


Dear JAC members,


One ballot is actually still missing, but the result is clear: Serbo-Croatian is not approved in ISO 639-2, and it is not "un-deprecated" in ISO 639-1. There does not seem to be any purpose in ciculating a second ballot at this point.


Since the ballot was based on an "internal" request, and since the decision actually means no change, I shouldn't think that it is necessary to publicise it more widely.


The consequences of the decision are the following (in my analysis):


ISO 639-1 has the alpha-2 identifier sh, which is deprecated; users need to choose one or more of the identifiers sr, hr, bs.


ISO 639-2 has no identifier; users need to choose one or more of the identifiers srp/scc, hrv/scr, bos (T/B identifiers).


ISO 639-3 has an identifier hsb, assigned to the "macro-language".


First question: Am I right in this analysis?


Second question: Is this the best solution?


Third question: If not -- what to do?


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