Dear JAC members,
We have received two separate proposals to include the Germanic language Kölsch. (French: kölsch; indigenous: Kölsch.)
The item is included in Ethonologue and ISO 639-3 with identifier ksh.
In Linguasphere there are two entries that combined seem to cover Kölsch: 52-ACB-daa "stadt-kölsch" and 52-ACB-dab "land-kölsch" (meaning of course "city Kölsch" and "country Kölsch"). There are thee more items under 52-ACB-da "ripwarisch" (under 52-ACB-d "Deutsch-C").
Please see more information in the original submissions below.
Discussion please (until 9 December 2005).
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**************   First submission   **************

This data was submitted on: Tuesday, October 11, 2005 at 12:45:59

lang_in_eng = Kölsch

lang_in_fre = Kölsch

ref_where_found_1 =

lang_in_vern = Kölsch

ref_where_found_2 = various dictionaries,

trans_lit = Koelsch

evidence = 1) some 500+ books in Kölsch language can be found in the library of:
Akademie för uns kölsche Sproch
Phone: ++49 (221) 226-5791

Fax: ++49 (221) 226-5799
Director: Jupp Schmidt
e-mail: [log in to unmask]
Librarian: Ingeborg Nitt
Phone: ++49 (221) 226-5792
e-mail: [log in to unmask]

2) The 'German national library' is the german equivalent of the 'Library of Congress'. Since they are collecting (by law) a copy of each book published in Germany, also there should be the same 500+ Book Titles, plus probably more:
Die Deutsche Bibliothek
Adickesallee 1
60322 Frankfurt am Main
Phone + 49-69-1525-0
Fax + 49-69-1525-1010
Inquiries regarding printed books to:

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[log in to unmask]
Inquiries regarding published music to:
[log in to unmask]

addinfo = Kölsch is spoken in the city and vincinity of Cologne, Germany, Europe. According to scientific literature of the past 30 years, there are currently some 250,000-280,000 active speakers of Kölsch. Some 1 million (estimate) comprehend Kölsch well, some 10 million+ (estimate) in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg, have so similar languages as to comprehend Kölsch considerably, i.e. 75% and more. Roughly 111.5 million of the Germanic Speakers of Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, and Denmark do not comprehend Kölsch at all. SIL announces 'ksh' for Kölsch in their 15th edition of ethnologue. Some internet sites such as have already begun to use 'ksh' (along with other ISO 639-1 and ISO 639-2 codes) so as to label both native and second language speakers. Not only is there plenty of scientific an scholarly work on Kölsch, including several Wordbooks and Grammars with enhanced and current editions being published every few years, there is an Academy teaching and documenting Kölsch (s.o.) and there is a considerable amount of Music and Song Production ever since there has been a recording industry. Several local stations regularly have radio & tv broadcasts completely or partially in Kölsch, several per week by average. There are two theatres dedicated to playing solely Kölsch every day, the Millowitsch Theatre and the Hänneschen Theatre. The requestor alone owns more than 50 different LPs/CDs of Kölsch sung music, which is only a fraction of those available on the market. Here is a sample of a printed compendium of the language, a grammar, and a Kölsch-German dictionary (published in German language) Wrede, Adam: "Neuer Kölnischer Sprachschatz". 3 volumes, 1168 pages. Greven Verlag Köln. 12th Edition, 1999. ISBN 377430243-X (13th edition should be out these days, according publisher announcement)

request_addition = ISO 639-2 only

2_code_suggestion = --

3_code_suggestion = ksh

submit_name = Purodha Blissenbach

submit_email = [log in to unmask], [log in to unmask]

submit_status = Native speaker, author, website publisher (therefore in need of an appropriate language code)

**************   Second submission   **************

This data was submitted on: Tuesday, November 8, 2005 at 12:07:20

lang_in_eng = Kölsch

lang_in_fre = ?

ref_where_found_1 = ?

lang_in_vern = kölsch

ref_where_found_2 = in the City named Köln (Cologne) in Germany in Europe

trans_lit = koelsch

evidence = There is a publisher of printed Books:
Here is their webside with available Titels in Kölsch:
This is another Print Publisher:
Here some are their available Books, the vast majority on this List is in Kölsch, some are about Kölsch:
Together that is more than 50 Books in Print from those 2 alone.
There are several dozen more Kölsch Book publishers, and god knows how many older Books.
The German National Library should have them all, but I did not research there:
This is a publisher of printed and recorded Music:
almost all of these Records in their Programme are intirely or predominantly in Kölsch:
That is probably 50 arlready. If not quite, one of their newest artistic aquisitions, the Bläck Fööss, is there only present with 3 recent CDs.
But they alone have made almost 40 CDs/LPs, see:
Together that is more than 50, and there are more Publishers of Kölsch Music, eg. EMI Electrola in Cologne.
Cologne has two Theaters playing Kölsch only:
each existing since more than 200 years.
Both must have a huge stock of libretti, since they usually play daily. Some small proportion of that should be availble in print or filmed.
I did not further reseach these, though.
Colgnes Broadcasting Stations have some Kölsch Programmes, including a weekly soap opera "The Anrheiner" on WDR (received in all of germany by airplay and cable, most of Europ via Satellite) The WDR alone must have a long footage of filmed Kölsch material. I did not further research that, since the Book publishers already come above the 50 Documents Requirement.

addinfo = About one Third of the population of Cologne, Germany, Europe speak Kölsch (and German) Kölsch has no official status as to my knowledge. In the Karneval Week, however, it is the official language of the City Officials. The Universities, and the official governmental agency LVR research the language. This is the source for the proposed Code KSH: (Thanks to my internet provider, who found that out)

request_addition = ISO 639-2 only

2_code_suggestion = ---

3_code_suggestion = ksh

submit_name = udo mueller

submit_email = [log in to unmask]

submit_status = We want to make multilingual websites including in Kölsch.