I don't quite undestand what you are aiming at ... May be:

ISO Livelink:

ISO/TC 37 on Livelink:

ISO 639 JAC on Livelink: 


Håvard Hjulstad
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Hi Håvard

Could you append a URL for this ISO livelink for TC37?

Thanks in advance - I'll note all my livelink files together after that.


> Dear ISO 639 JAC members,
> The Livelink server at ISO was modified not too long ago. The JAC 
> files got "lost" in the process. They are now moved to the right place.
> If you receive automatic notifications of changes to "your" folders on 
> the Livelink server, you will get a long list this time. This is a 
> small
> warning: There is nothing new in the JAC folder at this time, and you 
> can ignore the automatic notification.
> Best regards,
> Håvard
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