Dear JAC members,

The request below is actually for adding an alpha-2 identifier (ISO 639-1) to an item which already has an alpha-3 identifier in ISO 639-2. The Malayo-Polynesian language Tetum has had the identifier tet since publication of ISO 639-2 in 1998.

The reason for requesting an alpha-2 identifier is that the language has official status in East Timor.

The requested alpha-2 identifier (tu) is available.

Discussion please (until 2005-12-02).

Best regards,
Håvard Hjulstad
(secretary ISO 639 RA-JAC)

********** Submission: ***********

This data was submitted on: Thursday, September 29, 2005 at 11:01:31

lang_in_eng = Tetum
lang_in_fre = tetum
ref_where_found_1 = ISO 639-2
lang_in_vern = tetun
ref_where_found_2 =
trans_lit =
evidence = As this language is already in ISO 639-2, it is clear that there is sufficient evidence to introduce it in ISO 639-1, which is necessary because it has an official status in East Timor (see Ethnologue for axample)
addinfo = See Ethnologue for example
request_addition = ISO 639-1 and ISO 639-2
2_code_suggestion = tu
3_code_suggestion = tet
submit_name = Lang Gérard
submit_email = [log in to unmask]
submit_status = Convenor of ISO/TC 46/WG 2