The MIT Libraries Metadata Services Unit and MIT Digital Library 
Research Group  (DLRG) seek your comments on a proposed application 
profile of the METS standard for use as a controlling document in the 
creation of Submission Information Packages (SIP).

This document temporarily resides at:

It's permanent home will be in a similar directory in the domain.

This METS profile for SIP documents is intended to provide guidance 
to DSpace partners who are depositing content via the DSpace Content 
Package Importer, currently under construction.  These content 
providers may be other CMS, IRs, VLEs and even other DSpace 
instances, in which case this SIP profile may also function as a 
Dissemination Information Package (DIP) profile.

Please send your comments to the list.  If you would prefer to send 
comments directly to me, my address is [log in to unmask]  I will ensure 
your comments make it to the list and into consideration for future 
versions of the document.

Rob Wolfe
Metadata Specialist
MIT Libraries/OpenCourseWare