On 11/22/05, Barbara B Tillett <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> So why don't we take the leap to RDF instead of MODS or MADS?  Do you already have an RDF structure worked out? - Barbara

Answering the why question is something I don't want to get into,
because it tends to tread on social commentary (e.g I don't think the
answer is technical). And technically, it would take massive revamping
of both MODS and MADS to do this, which I doubt will happen at this

Given that FRBR and FRAR are similarly transgresive of tradition,
perhaps it's worth seeing that as a potential meeting point, as in:

As for my own standpoint I've sort of come to the conclusion that our
citation needs are rather different than the needs of libraries.  I am
trying to push that OpenDocumen include DC and Qualified DC out of the
box, and provide a framework for predictable (RDF) extension.

In that case, I'd see the core DC-based metadata as supporting
probably 80% of our needs, and then we'd need to add some additional
structures, perhaps the biggest being for more detailed encoding of
agents (what we're discussing here).

Leigh Dodds (at Ingenta) and I were working on figuring a way forward
on the last one, but have not settled on a representation yet. 
Clearly the FRAR ought to provide some hints.