On 11/22/05, Karen Coyle <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> There is one extension that I would love to see in DC or in any other
> metadata format that will be encoding journal-type items: enumeration
> and chronology.

For the first, PRISM has volume and number, which is generally too
limited, and vague (in the second case).

My druthers, and in fact a more RDF-ish approach than your's, would
just be to have properties/elements that are quite specific:


... and then I'd add partNumber. A group us are working on a list of
suggested changes for PRISM, so this *might* be a relatively
uncontroversial one.

For dates, most of the time they can be covered by standard dateIssued
sorts of structures.  PRISM actually has a displayDate thing too.

The tricky dates are the ones I've mentioned before: Spring/Summer, for example.