I have a number of colleagues who have alternate names that they use  
along with their full names, some of them use these alternate names  
when publishing.

For example:

Ping Zhang and Na (Lina) Li (2005). The intellectual development of  
human-computer interaction research: A critical assessment of the MIS  
literature (19902002). Journal of the Association for Information  
Systems (JAIS), 6(11):227292.

My colleague's family name is Na and her given name is Li, she  
prefers the Chinese form of family-name, last-name and thus uses her  
full name contracted to Lina as one in the west would one's first  
name, while retaining the individual elements for official  
documents.  Because she is known by this name she wishes to have it  
used in publications.  I imagine that similar situations abound.

(Say, if Lina ever comes across this email archived somewhere, hi  
Lina!, hope you don't mind me using your article as an example ;)

I had a look at the userguide:

could it be a type of termsOfAddress?  Doesn't seem right.

Any ideas?  I searched for information in the regular citation style  
places but not very hard, so if there is a recommended way of coping  
with this I'd be more than happy to be referred to the appropriate