It appears that many of these and similar authority records were
created as part of a project. A glance at the 670's shows that final
punctuation is also not provided after abbreviations for the months of
the year and after "p" (page citation), but that a period (or full stop)
is used in other abbreviations, such as "Coll." for "collection,"
"U.S.," etc. Perhaps as part of project workflow these records' creation
was machine-aided (a macro used?) that stripped or didn't use final
periods in certain cases. Perhaps there's no problem with this in the
670's, but, like Adam, I am somewhat concerned about these "naked"
initials being used in the 1XX, 4XX, and 5XX fields, although I guess
it's a wash when gone through NACO normalization.

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Hi all,

Am I missing something in my understanding of headings like the

Swan lake (Choreographic work : Ivanov and Petipa, M)
Swan lake (Choreographic work : Sergeev, K after Ivanov and Petipa, M)
Swan lake (Choreographic work : Sergeev, N after Ivanov and Petipa, M)

I am assuming that the letters "M", "K", and "N" are the initials for
choreographers' first names and are needed to break conflicts with
people with the same last name.  If this assumption is correct,
there be a period after each of these initials?  There are dozens of
dance headings that don't have the period after initials if there

Adam Schiff

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