Thursday, November 3, 2005

Fellow PCC-ers,

Let's talk "turkey"!  The Thanksgiving season is upon us and the parades, upcoming bowl games, and family feasts will soon have each of us spreading our wings to indulge in the delights of Fall.  Thanksgiving is also a time where we often reflect on our blessings; and we in the PCC are truly blessed with the finest members committed to further the work of the librarian community.  The PCC Secretariat and the Cooperative Cataloging Team want to acknowledge the contributions of our members and are very grateful for their support.  And for this continual encouragement, we express our sincerest appreciation.  Now on with "What's New" in the PCC!  

The PCC Calendar ( has been updated to reflect newly-scheduled workshops and institutes.

The LC Coop Team will offer a NACO Name Authority Institute at the Library of Congress, Feb. 13-17, 2006 for current and prospective PCC libraries.  Complete details and instructions for registration have been posted at: .  Announcements have also been made to the appropriate PCC online discussion lists.

LC staff members Paul Frank and John N. Mitchell will offer an LC Classification training workshop 
( at the Library of Congress scheduled to be held in May 2006.

Please monitor the calendar for hotel and room assignments for the upcoming San Antonio ALA Midwinter PCC meetings.  Please note that the regularly scheduled PCC Participants' Meeting time will be held in San Antonio on Sunday, January 22, 2006 from 4:00-5:30 P.M. with a hotel location yet to be announced.

The first SACO-At-Large meeting will also take place on Sunday, January 22, 2006; the agenda for this initial meeting will soon be posted.  Please watch for the subsequent "What's New" listserve announcement for further details.

Additionally, the Basic SACO Workshop ( will be offered on Friday, January 20, 2006 at the Midwinter conference by John N. Mitchell and Paul Frank.  Please visit the site and use the accompanying form to register for this no-cost, first-come, first-served workshop.

The FY05 statistics for the PCC programs have been posted at, including the funnel projects and individual members.  Participants are asked to look at their contributions that have been cumulated by the Coop staff.

The FY05 PCC Annual Report has been posted to the PCC Home Page.  For a comprehensive narrative of the state of the PCC, the Secretariat encourages members to read about the achievements, accomplishments, and future directions/endeavors of the PCC at: 

The Standing Committee on Automation (SCA) Monograph Aggregator Task Group's Report of the Functional Requirements for Electronic Vendor Records (FREVR) has been posted to the SCA Home Page at:  The TG was charged with developing a reference guide to data elements for machine created monographic records for vendors and publishers.  Please visit this pdf document for their final recommendations to the SCA.

The PCC Steering Committee ratified new changes to the PCC Governance Document in October 2005 at:  Please open the link to read about the additions and changes made to the section on Executive Offices and Terms of Office; revisions from the previous PCC Governance have been made using a different colored font.

The Standard Committee on Standards (SCS) recently finalized the SCS FY2005 Annual Report, which has been posted at:  Please refer to this document for an overview of the SCS chair's comments about SCS involvement with the PCC during the past fiscal year.

As usual, please make certain that any changes in liaison status are communicated directly to me, John N. Mitchell, Coop Team webmaster, at [log in to unmask]  Have a truly festive Thanksgiving holiday and may your culinary delights be especially delicious!

Yours truly,
John N. Mitchell