When we first started this list for PREMIS implementors we told everyone
about the Wiki we could use. Probably noone remembers that because it was
awhile ago and noone has yet used it.

We'd like to get this started as a mechanism to share examples and present
issues in implementation of the PREMIS data dictionary.

The address for the wiki is: 
It is password protected:
login: linus
password: lucy

Right now I've put up the following:

1. A space to share examples, either using an XML encoding or filling in
the more generic template with PREMIS semantic units.
There is now one very brief example showing a use of PREMIS as a
METS extension schema.

There is also the template to provide unencoded examples.

2. Some background information
These are background papers written while the working group was
active. They provide a bit more information than what was in the PREMIS
final report, which does summarize the issues in these papers. These
-background on how PREMIS handled Digital signatures
-development of the data model 
-notes on files and bitstreams.

Feel free to use this wiki. It is fairly easy to figure out-- anyone can
edit the page or attach additional pages or documents.

Hint: when you attach something you are given a few choices. Choose
"upload to the page" (unless you want it accessible from any page in the
wiki) and "do not add a reference" (which adds a link at the bottom of the
page-- it is better to link to it within the text on the page so we can
keep it organized).

Any other suggestions for how we might use the wiki are encouraged.