Thanks for your comments Jerry.

In re the link: it should be:
We were missing a directory in the file path. We'll correct this on the
site as well. Thanks for catching this.

The purpose of the documents you mentioned on the wiki is to provide
some additional background information on the working group's
discussions on various topics relating to the data dictionary. Here's an
excerpt from an earlier PIG list message from Rebecca:

"These are background papers written while the working group was active.
They provide a bit more information than what was in the PREMIS final
report, which does summarize the issues in these papers. These
include: background on how PREMIS handled Digital signatures
-development of the data model -notes on files and bitstreams."

The papers were made available in case anyone wants to probe more deeply
into some of these issues, or would like to understand better how the
group arrived at its decisions.


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Rebecca S. Guenther wrote:
> I've added a new page on the PREMIS maintenance activity web site for
> PREMIS Implementors' Group (PIG). This is to make it easier to find
> things. See:
> There are links to the wiki (the "pigpen") 

It all looks very nice, well done.

But what's the value of things like PREMIS_Data_Model-2.doc, 
Files_and_bitstreams.doc, PREMIS-Example-Template-rev.doc
in the Wiki? These just look like rough drafts of sections of the final 
report/DD (and presumably that's why they're in Word, not PDF?)

Also, the link to
doesn't work.

Jerry Bakewell