Robert Sanderson wrote:

>that database, I'd use one of the existing ones.  Just the same as most
>people wouldn't write their own SOAP library to implement SRW or their
>own XML parser, most people won't write their own CQL parser ... and
>don't have to, as there are existing open source implementations for the
>major languages.
Er, to that I say:

I note this page:

mentions Java, Perl and Python (is there no C parser?).  I use the 
Python parser and certainly I would have have given up on trying to 
create an SRU client completely if it had not existed.

To say there are parsers "for the major languages" is not only 
exclusive, it's incorrect (.Net?).  Or, rather, if it's not incorrect, 
where are they?

It is very easy to bang the drum that "SRW/U is a superior way to 
implement search" (and it can be), but if there aren't the tools for the 
languages that power a /huge percentage of the web/, this, frankly, 
rings a little hollow.