>Hi Everyone,

Here's a job opportunity for someone in Virginia.  Virginia fellows, please 
pass this to anyone you feel would be interested.

FYI - I've worked with Kelly and GMU.  They are well-acquainted with 
American Memory.  The URL for Kelly's organization, the Center for History 
and New Media, is:

Happy holidays,

>>Currently there is an opening for a Project Coordinator on the
>>Loudoun County Public Schools Teaching American History grant. The
>>ideal person has an MA in American history and classroom teaching
>>experience (but obviously candidates with a Ph.D. would also be
>>very welcome). Information on this opening is provided below and in
>>the attached pdf file. Should you need further information, please
>>Kelly Schrum, Ph.D.
>>Director of Educational Projects
>>Center for History and New Media
>>George Mason University
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>>The Loudoun County Public Schools Teaching American History Grant,
>>Foundations of U.S History: Virginia History as American History,
>>sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, is designed to
>>improve the teaching of U.S. and Virginia History primarily among
>>4th grade teachers, including Special Education and ESL, through
>>content rich professional development, and to improve history and
>>new media teaching skills among middle and high school history
>>teachers, including Special Education and ESL.
>>The Project Coordinator will be instrumental in implementing,
>>overseeing, and guiding the progress of the program. The Project
>>Coordinator will have
>>overall administrative responsibility for the project as well as
>>responsibility for professional development work, co-facilitating
>>book groups, visiting participant classrooms and providing
>>feedback, and working with teachers on primary source infusions and
>>lesson plans. He or she will serve as liaison to the Evaluation
>>Team. He or she will take a role in bridging historical content
>>knowledge and classroom implementation.

Judith K. Graves
Digital Projects Coordinator
Library of Congress
101 Independence Ave., SE
Washington, DC  20540-4604
(v)202/707-2562   (f)202/252-3116
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