Hi everyone,

I am new to EAD and am trying to get everything set up with NoteTab
Pro.  We're using the trial version because we haven't decided yet
whether we're going to go with XMetal or NoteTab Pro.  

Anyway, I've installed all the software and files according to Chris
Prom's EAD Cookbook for Notetab.

I'm trying to transform one of the sample ead files.  I parsed and
validated it.  Then I selected Make HTML and chose the eadcbs9 style
sheet.  I keep getting the following error message:

C:\eadcb\batch>cd \eadcb\transform

C:\eadcb\transform>msxsl C:\eadcb\EADFiles\sample.xml
s9.xsl -o C:\eadcb\EADFiles\sample.html

Error occurred while compiling stylesheet

Code:   0x800c0006
The system cannot locate the object specified.

Press any key to continue . . .

I press a key and the process stops.  I've checked to make sure the
files are all in the places where it's looking for them and they all
seem to be there.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Dalene Hawthorne
Assistant Professor
Head of Automation and Collection Management
William Allen White Library
Emporia State University
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