I do require my students in our Introduction to Knowledge course (which includes basic cataloging) to purchase AACR2.  As an anecdotal test, I've asked students to look at Catalogers Desktop (after they have a flavor of AACR2) regarding their comfort level with it had they not used the print copy previously.  Almost unanimously they've said that starting out with Catalogers Desktop would have been more confusing for them than using AACR2 in print.  I'm assuming that your students are in the same boat as mine when they take the class.  Few have done any cataloging so this is a brand new experience for them (concepts, terminology, ways of looking at organizing information/knowledge, etc.).
I know there's the money-saving option of having them use the Concise AACR2 and I've considered that, but I'd prefer to for them to have access to all the rules.
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Cheryl (and everyone),

Your email reminded me that I wanted to ask your
opinion: I'm a part-time lecturer at Rutgers. We have
access to Catalogers' Desktop for our students and I
need to submit my book order for the intro. cataloging
course I'll be teaching in the spring. I wonder if
those of you who do have access to it require your
students to purchase a print copy of AACR2 in addition
to having online access, or do you just rely on the
online. I've done it both ways, and I'm still trying
to decide which worked better.


Jennifer Lang

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> Educatters:
> A much-delayed thank you for all your interesting
> responses about
> using OCLC as a tool for cataloging instruction. I
> appreciate your
> insights.
> Cheryl
> --
> Cheryl Boettcher Tarsala
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