Enhance your ILL workflow

Reduce your amount of ILL requests


Imagine how much more time you could spend  processing ILL requests that only match your profile instead of continually explaining your library’s ILL policies.   


Do you regularly search to find the right contact at other resource sharing libraries?


Make your workflow more efficient by using the OCLC ILL Policies Directory!


First, you can enter and display information about your library’s copy and loan policies. Second, you can use the directory to search for potential resource sharing libraries as well as for contacts and billing and system information.


Even if your library has an ILL Policies directory, it may have been years since it was created, and the information may be out of date. Recent enhancements have been made to the directory to keep the WorldCat Resource Sharing and ILL Policies Directory lists in sync.


If you need to learn how to use this central source for interlibrary loans, then you should attend our upcoming course:


OCLC ILL Policies Directory, taught by Paulette Hasier on December 12, 2005 from 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. at OCLC CAPCON, Washington, DC.


This three-hour workshop will give you hands-on training to go back to your library and immediately work more efficiently. In the class, you will:

·        Set up your own ILL policies for the OCLC ILL service

·        Search for and edit ILL policy information

·        Create Custom Holdings based on advanced searches in the directory


Read the course description.  Or  Register now.