Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 17:04:37 -0500
From: Robert Bothmann <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: Example for MFHD 852 $z

I'm curious about the definition of 852 $z in the MFHD. It states "$z
contains a note relating to the location of the item identified in the
field."  Then it gives an example of 852 01 $z Signed by author. This
example appears, to me, to be in conflict with the definition.


How is the note "signed by author" a note relating to the location? To
me, this is a note relating to the local copy of the resource and should
therefore go in an 866 #1 $z.


If my interpretation is correct, could the MFHD example for the 852 $z
please be changed to reflect the meaning of the definition? If it is not
correct, could someone please explain and provide several more examples
of 852 $z notes?


Thank you.

Bobby Bothmann



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