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The logic of the system and of the pattern requires that the year be 
treated as the first level of enumeration.  Functionally, it's no 
different than if it said "volume" on the piece.

Example 19 in Holdings Statements for Bibliographic Items (ANSI/NISO 
Z39.71-1999) uses such a pattern (not in MARC format, of course).

Judy Levi wrote:
> I would like clarification of serial pattern conventions, for cases 
> where the serial is lacking first level of enumeration. This is NOT the 
> same as serial which has only chronological designation.
> John Espley's examples ( 
> includes the following, which mixes chronology and enumeration:
>         Chronology highest enumeration, with the numbers restarting each 
> year. After the 4th number, the year increments.
>         $8 5 $a (year) $b no. $u 4 $v r $w 4
> I have not been able to find documentation the supports the above example.
> At the CONSER site 
> ( I 
> find stated
> "If the piece has* only* a chronological designation, input it using the 
> larger, more inclusive division (normally a year) in the first subfield, 
> i.e. subfield $a, followed by internal divisions in subfields $b and 
> following. Use numeric equivalents for months, seasons, and days in the 
> enumeration subfields."
> At the MARC site 
> ( I find
> "When only chronology captions are used on an item (that is, the item 
> carries no enumeration), the chronology captions are contained in the 
> relevant enumeration caption subfields ($a-$h). If a chronology caption 
> is not to be used in a display of the enumeration and chronology field 
> (863-865), it is enclosed in parentheses, for example,/ (year)/."
> Both CONSER and MARC HOLDINGS refer to "no enumeration", I have been 
> unable to find reference to a mixture of 
> chronology-instead-of-enumeration + enumeration.
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