We have just made available a MARCXML authorities to MADS stylesheet. It
is at:

In doing this stylesheet we discovered some additional elements that need
to be added to MADS. Some of these were detailed in an earlier message on 
Oct. 12, 2005. These were:

Under a new element called specialCharacteristics:

The type of heading for which the authority is appropriate,
e.g. subdivision. (Equivalent to MARC authority 008/09 code d)
This distinction is needed for some thesauri, e.g. LCSH, MESH.

The set of rules, if any, used to formulate the authority.
e.g. AACR2. Equivalent to 008/10

(maybe others?)

For subfield $0 (record control number) in 5XX and 7XX (in MADS <related>)
the only place to map currently is in an xlink attribute but that assumes
that the value is a URI. In MARC authorities, $0 is for a record control
number and includes the organization code followed by the control number
in that system. You could formulate LCCNs into info: URIs (since they've
been registered), but others may not have equivalent URIs. So it seems
more appropriate to add an <identifier> under <related>. In fact we need
to look at all the other elements in MADS to see which might fit under
related; in MODS of course relatedItem includes all MODS elements.
Probably not all are appropriate under mads:related but we need to discuss

So at this point the stylesheet does not do anything with these elements
that have no good mapping.

We'd be very interested in hearing from anyone who uses the stylesheet
and has any comments.

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