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> Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2005 11:50 AM
> Subject: [MODS] marc in rdf
> FYI, on MARC in RDF:
> <>
> Ian's expertise is RDF, not MARC, so people here might want 
> to offer comments.

So basically it reinvents MARC-XML in RDF.  I'm not an RDF expert,
but some points about the implementation:

1) it needs to use rdf:parseType instead of parseType; the RDF validator throws warnings about depricated usage.

2) it's unclear why it uses md:value; can someone give a reason why rdf:value would not be appropriate in this context.

3) it's unclear why there are two additional levels, e.g., md:data and md:RecordData; can someone give a reason why they exist.