Network Bulletin No. 05-59

	Date:       December 9, 2005

	Subject:    CMLS                        

 	Index term: Magazine claims

       NLS is pleased to announce the release of a new web-based magazine claim
       procedure that will improve service to patrons by promptly replacing lost or damaged
       issues.  Libraries may submit online claims to multistate centers (MCSs) for
       magazines that patrons, organizations, or libraries did not receive or received
       This claim form should be submitted through the Network Library Services web site
       at  Link to "Selected Forms to Send to NLS" and then to
       "Magazine Claim Form."  The first drop-down menu on the claim form allows you to
       choose braille or audio format.  Your choice will be automatically sent to the
       database, and the page will reload with a list of titles available for claim in the
       selected format.  When you choose a title from the second drop-down menu, that
       choice will be sent to the database, and the page will reload with the current list of
       available issues.  NLS will hold the following issues for claims:
       Weekly magazines four back issues
       Monthly magazines two back issues
       Bimonthly or quarterly magazines two back issues
       Be sure to include an e-mail address where a confirmation notice and any
       correspondence about the claim should be sent.  The database automatically inserts
       the general e-mail address of the submitting library, but the individual making the
       request may insert a different address.
       A separate claim must be submitted for each magazine issue.  Claims for braille
       magazines will automatically be sent to the Multistate Center East.  Claims for
       recorded magazines will automatically be sent to the Multistate Center West.  Each
       MSC will use the information provided to create mailing labels to fulfill the claim.  If
       the MSC has the requested issue, the magazine will be shipped and an e-mail message
       will be sent to the library to verify shipment.  If the requested issue is not available, an
       e-mail will be sent to indicate an unfulfilled request.
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       For further information contact: 
       Sylvia H. Dye
       Management Analyst/CMLS Coordinator
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