Network Services No. 05-61

Date:       December 16, 2005

Subject:    Excess and redistribution program (XESS)        
Index term: New process for XESS using the Web

In 2006 the XESS process will change from a paper-based operation to an Internet process.  Web XESS, as
it will be called, will consist of four quarterly "offer" cycles that will be coordinated with "want" lists that
are upgraded monthly.  Libraries will compile and submit lists of wanted books online at any time,
eliminating the need to review and select books on a tight deadline from the eight-hundred-page
semiannual consolidated list of available books.  Libraries will be able to indicate the books they want
simply by typing in the book number online using NLS WebNet.  At the end of each month, the system
contractor will match wanted books against a list of offered books submitted by the conferences (as noted
below).  Libraries offering books will receive mailing cards, as usual, to send their offered books to the
requesting libraries.

Network libraries may offer books according to the following schedule:

Cycle 1     April June        Southern Conference
Cycle 2     July September    Western Conference
Cycle 3     October December  Midlands Conference
Cycle 4     January March     Northern Conference

Libraries in the assigned conferences may submit book offers online using NLS WebNet anytime during
their conference's cycle. However, in order for the book to be counted during the month submitted, it must
be submitted by the fifth (or next working) day of the first, second, or third month of the cycle.  Unless
matched with wanted books, offered books will remain on the list for ninety calendar days from their
submission date, after which the offering libraries will receive lists of book numbers that they can dispose
of through the NLS XESS disposal process.  Libraries that need to offer books outside of their assigned
cycle must request permission in advance, from the head of the Network Services Section.

While libraries will offer books in only one cycle each year, they may request books throughout the year. 
Each network library will establish a wants account on NLS WebNet, which it may review and modify at
any time.  The system contractor will update all want lists monthly by removing titles that have been
supplied from the offers list that month.  Once a book number has been added to a library's want list, it will
remain there until the want is met by an offer from another library or until the requesting library deletes the
book number from its list.  All libraries may continually add to or revise their want lists, but libraries may
offer books for XESS only during their assigned conference cycles.

Libraries that tested the new system have responded favorably.  Network libraries may start building their
want lists on January 3, 2006.  Detailed instructions will be provided in the near future.

For further information contact:   

Stephen Prine
Head, Network Services Section
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