Network Bulletion No. 05-63

Date:   December 16, 2005

Subject:       Parts for NLS Machines                 
Index term: Ordering parts by using the Web

National Library Services (NLS) is pleased to announce that beginning December 12, 2005,
libraries can start ordering parts for repairing C-1 players online using the Network Library
Services web site __Batteries will continue to be ordered from the
multistate centers (MSCs).__ 

Equipment repair groups will order through A separate Machines
and Accessories Report is being sent to announce its simultaneous release of the parts ordering
system.  Network libraries and machine lending agencies staff are encouraged to assist their
repair volunteers and groups in ordering parts, especially those volunteers who do not have
computers or Internet connections.   NLS will continue to accept orders placed by e-mail, fax,
and telephone, but urges volunteers with the resources to order online because the process is
user-friendly.    E-mails to [log in to unmask] will still be monitored, and you are encouraged to
use it for reporting problems or concerns.
We appreciate the work of the librarians and the machine repair representatives on the Audio
Equipment Advisory Committee who participated in the beta test.  We also want to thank the
head of the  Inventory Management Section and the NLS Inventory Management Section parts
specialists for collaborating in developing this function that will enable all of us to better track
the NLS parts inventory and to facilitate a smoother parts ordering process.  We also would like
to thank Steve Austin, editor of Fully Charged, for his article in the October issue about this new
function and his detailed explanation of the various screens and instructions for ordering parts
over the Web. 

The new parts-ordering function automates the following:

   Creation and submission of parts orders

   Modification of orders before submission or shipment

   Printing of order confirmations and shipping lists
   Generation of e-mail alerts for order and shipment confirmations

   Tracking of backorders and checking order history.

To begin do the following:

1.   Log in to the Network Library Services web site using your administrative account.

2.   On the Library Menu page, click on Selected Forms to Send to NLS.

3.   On the Network Library Services page, scroll down to the Multistate Center Shipment
     Requests section and select View/Edit Library Profile.

4.   Scroll down to the bottom of the page where the header Parts Ordering Contact for:
     LIBCD is displayed.

5.   Fill out the parts contact information with your first name, middle initial, last name, 
e-mail, and phone number, then press Submit to save your information.  These fields are used by
the system to generate the Order Shipping Address.  The names is used as part of the order
shipping address, the phone number is used by the courier when delivering the package, and the
e-mail is used by the system to send order and shipment e-mail confirmations.

6.   To enter an order, click on Create New Parts Order and follow the instructions described
 for that link below.

The following describes each link related to parts ordering that is displayed on the Network
Library Services page.

__Create New Parts Order__

Use this link to create, save, and/or submit a parts order.  With this form you have the option of
using the default library shipping address or using a different address entered in the space
provided in the Entered Shipping Address block.  Enter a shipment required date in the Required
Date space and any special instructions in the Notes block.

To enter an item in the parts order section, if you know the Part Number, click on an empty line
in the Part Number column where it says Pick One.  A list of all of the part numbers on the Order
Parts list will appear.  When you click on the part number that you want, the description for that
part will appear in the Description column.  In the Quantity Requested column, enter the quantity
that you want.

If you know the exact description of the part as it appears in the Order Parts list, click on an
empty line in the Description column where it says Pick One.  A list of all the descriptions on the
Order Parts list will appear in alphabetical order.  When you click on the description of the part
that you want, the part number will appear.  Be very careful when using this method of selection
since there are similar descriptions in the Order Parts list that apply to different parts.

If you don't know the part number or exact description of the part you want, then click the Look
up box in an empty line on the order form.  This brings up a screen where you can search the
Order Parts list by a keyword in the Part Number or Description.  The search will list all of the
parts that contain the keyword that you enter.  Keep the keyword as simple and general as
possible.  When you find the part you want in the search list, click on the Select box and the part
will be entered on the order form.  A third option on the Search screen is List All Parts.  This
displays the entire Order Parts list with Part Numbers and Descriptions that you can scroll
through to find the part that you want to order.  When you find it and click on its Select box, the
part will be entered on the order form.

Unless you have the part number from a previous order, your best bet is probably to enter the part
numbers from one of the diagrams in the C-1 Service Manual where you can check the diagram
to positively identify the part that you want to order. 

In the future, the system will be enhanced to provide exploded-view diagrams like those in the 
C-1 Service Manual, allowing you to click on the picture of a part on the diagram, enlarge it, and
enter an order quantity in a provided field that will be linked to your parts order. Clicking on a
part in a list at the side of all of the parts shown on the diagram will display a flag on the diagram
showing where that particular part is located.  

When you have completed the order, turn your attention to the two buttons at the bottom of the
order.  The button labeled Save/No Submit will save your order without submitting it to the NLS
Parts Room for processing.  Click on this box if you want to save your work but still have more
information to add later or to check the order for accuracy before submitting it.

The box labeled Save/Submit will save your order and send it to the NLS Parts Room for
processing.  Click on this button only when you are sure that your order is complete and accurate,
although you can still edit the order information or even delete the entire order after clicking on
this box as long as the order has not been shipped by NLS.  The Main Menu screen will display a
message that you have a submitted parts order. Clicking on the line Edit/Delete Submitted Parts
Orders will bring up a screen that will display a list of your submitted parts orders (that have not
yet been shipped) with the corresponding order numbers.  Clicking on an order number will bring
up the actual order which you can then edit or delete if necessary.  When NLS has shipped the
order, it will disappear from your list of submitted parts orders and you will not be able to do any
updates to the order.

After completing an order, it is advisable to first click on the Save/No Submit  button.  This
shows the entire order in HTML format, with an order number assigned, to let you check it for
accuracy before submitting it.  Clicking on the Print Order button will print the order in PDF
format.  Clicking on the Main Menu box returns you to the main menu where a message will
appear that you have a saved parts order. 

Upon receiving an order, NLS will send you an Order Confirmation via e-mail.  When the order
is packed and shipped, NLS will send you a Shipping List that will show what was actually
shipped or backordered and also an invoice copy of the order for your information about the
value of the items in the shipment.  If NLS informs you that you need to make some change to
your order before it can be shipped it (eg., you order an item that is not in stock ormay have been 

replaced by a different item), you will need to open the submitted order from the Main Menu
under Edit/Delete Submitted Parts Orders, make the necessary change(s) to the order, and then
resubmit it.

__Create New Parts Order (Over 12 Items)__

Use this link when you want to place an order that contains more than twelve items.  Follow the
same instructions described above under Create New Parts Order to fill out the form.

__Edit/Delete Saved Parts Orders__

Use this link to do anything with the order (edit, delete, or submit).  After you click on this link, a
screen will display a list of your saved parts orders with their order numbers.  Click on the order
number of the order that you want to look at the list of parts ordered.  If any corrections are
needed, make the changes.  You now have four choices in the buttons at the bottom: you can
return to the Main Menu without saving any of your changes, you can click Delete Order to
remove the order;  you can click Update/No Submit to save the changes without submitting the
order to NLS; or, if you are satisfied that the order is accurate and you want to send it to NLS;
you can click on Update/Submit.

In editing, to delete a part from an order, click on Pick One at the top of the list of Part Numbers;
this replaces the Part Number with Pick One and clears the rest of the line, except for the
Quantity Requested column.  Don't worry about the number left in the Quantity Requested
column of a deleted line (if the item in Line 1 is deleted, the system needs a number in the
Quantity Requested column to continue processing the order).  When the order is saved, the
remaining lines automatically move up and the deleted lines disappear. 

__Edit/Delete Saved Parts Orders__

Use this link to edit or delete submitted parts orders in the same manner as described above
under Edit/Delete Saved Parts Order.  You can edit or delete your order under this link as long as
it has not been shipped by NLS.

__Order Parts List__

Use this link to view all parts available for ordering.  The list will also show whether NLS
currently has the part in inventory or not.  You can also search for parts by entering a keyword
and clicking on Go.  The system will then display all the parts that contain that keyword.  To
display all the parts list, you can enter ? and press "Go".  You can also sort this list by part
number, description, or category by clicking on the label of each column.

For further information contact:   

Carolyn Hoover Sung 
Chief, Network Division 
[log in to unmask]